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Joyia's Book Corner

How Santa Got His Job

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How Santa Got His Job - Stephen Krensky

Santa Claus didn't always deliver toys; he was a chimney sweep, and a chef first! This cute little story tells the tale of how Santa got his job delivering toys. The book earned a score of AD380L on the Lexile scale, but the language is not very difficult, and can be used with 4-6th graders. This would be a good book to teach sequencing and order of events to a class. Students can follow how one job led to another, leading up to his final job. It's an interesting read, and is enjoyable any time of the year. 

Hanukkah Bear

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Hanukkah Bear - Eric A. Kimmel

Hanukkah Bear is an adorable story about old Bubba Brayna, who accidentally hosts a night of Hanukkah for a bear. It is incredibly silly and gives a taste of what Hanukkah is like. 

This book received a AD370L on the Lexile scale, and would be most appropriate for fourth graders and up. This book would be a great way to introduce a class discussion about celebrations from other cultures. The recipe at the end is a nice touch, and would be fun to share with a class. The book itself is silly and fun and would make a great addition to a class library.. 

Freedom School, Yes!

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Freedom School, Yes! - Amy Littlesugar, Floyd Cooper

Freedom School, Yes! is an inspiring story about a young girl growing up during segregation. Her family is hosting a teacher for the new Freedom School that will teach the local black children. She is fearful at first, but learns to be brave in order to save her new school. 

This book received a 390L on the Lexile scale and should be suitable for third through fifth graders to read. This book would be a great tool to teach diversity, African American history, and bravery. This book is a great tool to use to start a dialogue about equality and fairness with a class. 

I Want My Hat Back

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I Want My Hat Back - Jon Klassen

I Want My Hat Back is a silly adventure of a bear searching for his missing hat. Receiving a 90L on the Lexile readability scale, it should be easy to read for students from kindergarten through third grade.

This would be a great book to teach inference, as the surprise twist is never explicitly stated. Students would have to use the dialogue and pictures to determine what had happened. This would also be a good book to teach morals as students watch the bear and his friends interact. 

I gave this book four stars as I thought it was a very silly and fun story. However, the surprise ending could be a little graphic, especially for younger students.